Friday, August 20, 2010

Urban Decay is getting everybody NAKED..

As a Urban Decay lover I found myself drawn to the NAKED eye shadow palette for weeks. Sold out everywhere it seemed I wasn't the only one. When I went to my local Ulta with my reward points I checked out my UD display. Aghast it wasn't there! Dang even local Minneapol-tin's knew about the HG Naked Palette. Cruising around the other racks I spot it on an end cap! YAY! Whether I really wanted or needed that palette today I was getting it--there was only two in stock so I had to! This made me think though..was the "thrill of the chase" the real reason I wanted it? Think about it. Maybe you see something online you like, its a good deal, great brand, stellar reviews. You think I should check that out, then when you realize its SUPER HARD to get all of sudden you really want this thing. Remember MAC Marine High Life? lol I doubt most people use that thing everyday! Sometimes the buzzed items, limited edition MACs, the super hard to find products are things we are drawn to buy but maybe don't necessarily want. The most crazy part is I don't think I've ever seen a clamoring of so many makeup junkies to get a PERMANENT palette! So weird, right?!

I think the Naked palette is a little different then the traditional limited-edition-gimme-gimmes. This palette sold out and became so hard to find because it is HANDS DOWN AMAZING. 12 full size eye shadows that can be worn for everyday to work, to play, at home and going out. Did I mention full size--that is a $204 value!!! It is stacked with a garden variety of neutral shades to get you through a boring work week. From champagne to bronze to matte sand to plum shimmer to gunmetal to night black. This thing has it all to take your plethora of day looks to a hot smoky night look. Throw in a dual ended brown for day black for night eyeliner and we are happy as clams. Throw in a mini primer to use with it and I am ecstatic.

Standard amazing UD pigmentation for the eye shadows, so many colors and finished to choose from, a sweet dual eyeliner with wearable colors and a travel primer potion to use with it. You will find tons of different looks to use here and with the ability to layer in a deeper brown or the black shade for a smoky night look. I was really impressed with this palette--no loser shades here. lol. I own several MAC, Lancome, UD eye shadow palettes and know that a lot have loser shades you don't want, don't use and also the quality is less then with rather shitty pigmentation.

BOTTOM LINE: I adore this palette for making work friendly eye shadows fun and exciting again. With some night shades this truly can pop in your bag and make you up for cocktail hour. The value of the palette is beyond amazing, the eyeliners are a plus and the primer potion helps create a complete look that last for hours. This is probably my favorite palette I've ever owned.

5 out of 5 lipsticks

--Junky Jess

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