Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rihanna - ROCKSTAR 101 ft. Slash

Let out your inner "rock star" with clip in colored extentions!

So remember my post a few days ago about my desire to get pink clip in hair extensions? Well I bought pink, purple and bright blue clip ins. I've become full on obsessed, why did I never do this before? I feel like a rebel when I wear these. Now I'm no cool cat like Rizzo from Grease; I won't be wearing leather, smoking at school and getting pregnant at the drive in anytime soon. But I will dance around in my colored hair and pretend I live a more wild lifestyle then I really do. I feel like a rock star for a day and it feels good dammit. I feel like it inspires me to be a little wilder, take more risks and live my life balls out. I get a few more looks then normal, also sometimes people seem a tad intimidated. I feel like people expect me to be rude or bitchy with my punk colored hair. Now I feel like I'm being nicer to make up for my somewhat....tough? I guess.. exterior. Men look at me different, perhaps wondering how wild I really am. My residents at work (teen girls) want to touch them, wear them, buy them. I like conducting small scale social experiments, i.e. how people react when I alter my appearance. I've dyed my hair black, red, blond, multi color; had bobs, blunt cuts, long manes and messy waves. I always pay attention to how people treat me when I change my hair. I learned hair length does not affect how men hit on you, but hair color does. When my hair is my faded brown color I'm practically invisible on the street, when your blond everyone looks at you. When my hair is super dark brown people think I'm Eastern European or a different ethnicity. In short, I love changing it up and expressing myself through my hair. I also get bored easy and want to try something new. I've been rocking medium to long blond highlighted hair for a few months and I'm bored. So here I am clipping in electric blue, hot pink and deep purple. It works for my ever changing mind and allows me to take off my punk exterior at night and for grad parties. It can be difficult because my hair is fine and straight making it harder to mask the clip in part. Its a work in progress as I get acclimated to my new rock star self. I dare you to try it for a day! Make sure to blast Rihanna's "Rock Star" tune and go balls out.

Too Faced's Aqua Bunny gives you a little "Giselle Bundchen" glow.

Summer is the ultimate calling card for bronzers, so do you have a good one? Too Face just came out with Aqua Bunny, a water resistant, long lasting oil-free cream to powder bronzer. I know what your thinking..cream bronzer? Why would I want that? Now I was thinking the exact same thing, I have a few great bronzers that already work for me, why even go there? Personally I love my Too Faced Chocolate Soliel bronzer, a beautiful matte brown powder that smells like chocolate heaven. But I was feeling ballsy one day and went to my local Sephora and blended a little into my cheek. I was surprised I actually liked what I saw! I bought it, rushed home and played. I have to say this cream is a bronzed bunny's dream. Aqua Bunny has pretty packaging, a pina colada scent and a deep brown color in the pan. The deep bronze scared me and my fair fair skin but it blended easily and sunk into my skin very nicely. It was so smooth and creamy, it was literally a cinch to apply. The brush (cruelty free--thanks too faced!) actually works fantastic to apply this, dab a little on the sides of the bristles, tap onto the skin and blend my friends. It really blends easily on prepped skin (either foundation or moisturizer). I don't think this would go as well on dry skin, the brush would drag and the formula might cake up in dry spots. Just throw a little tinted moisturizer on and Aqua Bunny on top of that and your golden. lol.  The color has a nice warmth to it that makes it look warm and lovely on the skin, even somewhat believable as a tan. It never looked orange or like a "fake bake." The cream was lightweight and long lasting, although I don't know how "water resistant" it is, have yet to try it at the beach. Aqua Bunny has been a staple for me this summer, it truly does not budge for hours. I feel like a model when I have this on, like the "Giselle Bundchen" version of myself. It does fade over the course of an 8 hour day, like most makeup on me. It can be layered for a deeper bronze color, just blend the edges a little more. The smell is coconut/pina colada and I could not smell it when it was on my face. The packaging is pretty, a nice big mirror and a separate compartment for the brush. It has Vitamin E, Aloe Vera extract and Chamomile in it to help soothe the skin. It does not come cheap though, $28, which is comparable to all of Too Faced's bronzers.. I'm really glad I gave this a try, I now carry it in my purse in case Giselle needs to make an appearance.

5 out of 5 lipsticks!


Hello Kelly and her booty!! K. Rowland - Commander ft. David Guetta

Welcome back Kelly Rowland! Love this song! God look at her booty! Its crazy! I love her makeup in the close up shot with the wavy loose hair. Sexy! This song makes me want to go command something or someone. lol. Go kelly!

Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in "Passion" comes in handy for sultry days and passionate nights!

The new stain on the block is Revlon Just Bitten lip stain + Balm. I was intrigued when I saw this because I LOVE stains in the summer due to long hair + lip gloss= nightmare. Stains are awesome for summer, just color and go! They last all day at the pool or beach and don't come off on teeth or a margarita glass--count me in! I've tried many a stain over the years always wishing they were cheaper. Revlon and Covergirl came in to save the day with Lip Stains under $10 thank you jebus. Covergirl's stain has been out for quite awhile--that one works well, pretty colors but they dry out rather quickly--within like 2-3 months. Revlon Just Bitten took it up a notch with a balm on one end. Oh how nice this was until it broke off 5 days later. It really is a nice addition, stain and moisturize with a balm throughout the day. The balm is weird though, its about 2 inches long and does not twist or wind down, it just sits there. Therefore with the balm just "hanging out" its more prone to get snapped off, crushed or fall off. While I appreciated the balm while it was there, now I have one end filled with the remains of my long gone balm. This takes my rating down a notch. I'm pretty sure I can layer any kind of  lip balm over this with no problem so I'm not too heartbroken. Lets not forget the main contender, the stain. The stain itself is really nice actually, good staying power and good color pigmentation. It doesn't transfer much, just in the first few minutes when it is drying. Now I didn't find this stain to be particularly drying, so you might not need the balm if your lips have good moisture to them. To compare it to Covergirl, it has more color, more pigment and goes on brighter. It lasts for quite a few hours but starts to fade around hour 5 or 6. It smells extremely similar (fruity punch cocktail) and applies the same (marker application). I like this one better so far, it has more color to it. Passion is a gorgeous color and what Jessica Biel wears on the display. Its a soft pink fuchsia color that is day friendly. It is a little bold so use a light hand if your color shy. Its sexy and can go from day to night. My bf was hesitant to kiss me after seeing the bold color on ze lips but he gave in soon enough. No one can resist ze passion! I like to wear this with bronzer and tinted moisturizer for a natural look with a punch to it. This is perfect for low key days where you want a pop of color to keep it fresh. Or slide it on for date night and let the passion ensue!

3 1/2 lipsticks out of ze 5 lipsticks.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

My new Gangster jam--Rihanna G4L.

LOVE this song! Reggaeton Rihanna "Te Amo."

My Current Addictions of the week....

What a lovely beautiful day it was today! To crank out a fun post I'm going to let you in on my secret pleasures of the week, otherwise known as "current addictions." I've always been a self proclaimed makeup addict but sometimes my cravings come and go and turn to some interesting places. Here is a brief smattering of things I'm craving..

Fuchsia lips how I love thee! Fun, bright and DARING. Great for nights out or apply a light stain for day friendly wear. I really like Revlon Colo rburst in Fuchsia for affordable luxury, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess lip gloss in Wild Orchid for day friendly fun and Smashbox Lipshine in Berry Hot for a more natural pinker fuchsia.

To continue with my current fuchsia obsession I really want to get some hot pink clip ins. Just for fun, to throw in and feel funky for a day. Sally's got them cheap but I don't want to look like a cheap hooker so I might ask around. Any suggestions let me know! I have a feeling this is my inner rebel trying to get out and might be an after affect from working with rebellious teenage girls for a living. 

Another addiction? DEXTER. I am full on obsessed! It is the only TV my bf and I watch and we cannot stop. lol. It makes us late to events, miss out on sleep and even consider murder ourselves. JK on that last part. I love the darkness but the "anti-hero" in Dexter. I love Deb--who I can't believe he is married to in real life! Crazy! I can't imagine pretending my lover was my boyfriend. Its better then vice versa though.We are on Season 3 and so excited there is a 5th season in the works! 

I am also hooked on neon nail polish. It summer its hot and I love color, so naturally neon's come out to play. I am surprised I love neon so much and love it on my nails, lips, hair and clothes. My spunky spirit coming out to play maybe. I love how loud. bold and unforgiving neon is. It makes a statement and seems to lift my mood. I really love the China Glaze Poolside Collection,I bought Sun Worshipper (orange--stunningly bright) and Pool Party (glorious hot pink!).

Rihanna's Rated R album is being played to def on my cd player. I love G4L, Te Amo, Cold Case of Love, Fire bomb, Stupid in Love, Rude Boy and Rockstar. I love love love this cd. You go girl.

Now that we are in the throws of a hot MN muggy summer I'm really craving some Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection! Look how bangin' Hilary's teal cream shadow looks! Gorgeous! Cream shadow is also ideal for those hot, sweaty days where powder does nothing but crease and fade. I'm really digging the leopard print bronzer, a nice blush/bronzer combo. I love their Bronze Goddess collection every year because its true summer--hot, sexy and colorful.

I did get the nail polish in Ultra Violet which I can't stop wearing but paid through the teeth for. Thanks for the bomb swatch! It a stunning deep eggplant purple with hot pink/purple glitters in it (not the tacky kind). This is a HolyGrail nail polish for me!

So that is what I am currently obsessing about! I could go on for days but I will just have to save some for next week! Hope summer is treating you well!


Monday, June 21, 2010

A tale of a desperate SELF TAN junky...

I tanned in high school, typical local salon, playboy bunny sticker on my stomach. Before school dances, big events and in the summertime I desperately desired a tan. It made me feel thinner, glowier and slightly more attractive. Since I've smartened up I've turned to the unnatural tans found in bottles and spray cans. I've always been loyal to L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gelee for my tanning needs, gone through several bottles without disappointment. I'm a loyal kinda girl, once I find something divine and I stick to it since there's so much crap out there stinking up the market. L'oreal Sublime Bronze worked fast and efficient, the typical self tan dance, apply the gel and get ready for twenty minutes naked and presto tanno. As a grad party loomed the following day I found myself out, aghast with what to do next. Rummaging through my cabinet I find an oldie but goodie, Neutrogena Micromist Spray Tan in Medium. Flashbacks to streaks on the legs and I groaned. What choice did I have? With my whole family checking out my pasty skin within 24 hours I needed a tan hit. So I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. A few strokes of the can and only ten minutes of dry time, could this be? A few hours later I looked at my arm and by george, I was tan! Like I spent my weekends at the beach and earned a light tan, hold the skin cancer please. It looked like a real tan, not the slightly orange-yellowy cast I have grown accustomed to with my heavy hand and Gel friend. I was smitten! It looks real! I get told I look beautiful and the positive reinforcement builds. I used the next day too, oh no-- I ran out! Looking a little tanner I head to my local Target dealer and buy another hit. Ten bucks! Man, L'oreal was $7-8. I guess you gotta pay a little more for the good stuff. Oh well, I'm sure its worth it this time. A few days off and my tan still lingers but has faded, quite like a real tan. After a vigorous workout and exfoliating body wash I give myself another hit. I spray myself, natch the smell, very chemical like hence not a fan. Sprinkle in a coconut fragrance and I'd need rehab. I hit my back for the first time in years, arms, legs and even my hands! No more brown lines between my fingers from being too lazy to wash my hands after a gel session. So easy, so hassle free this was, no need to sit for endless minutes to feel dry enough to dress. A few hours later the rush hits, I have become another bronzed goddess with the safety of my health and skin spared, Thank you Micro mist, you've cured an addict. Rest in peace Gel friend. 

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My 5 FAVORITE Beauty Blogs to read, laugh, drool and get a little inspiration!

Hello Beauty Blog fans! Due to my desire to give credit where credits due I have decided to make a little list of my favorite Beauty Blogs to visit. Some make us laugh, most make us broke but all give a good dose of makeup eye candy. As I have perused many a blog I have come to find that I favor a few.  What do I like in blogs? Lots of pictures, frequent updates, good reviews, variety of content and a little personality.

1. Temptalia of is one of the most popular makeup blogs and my personal fav.  Christine offers tons of reviews, looks of the day, polls, makeup tip threads, ask Temptalia sessions and the most up to date MAC launch info. I love how she is so honest on her reviews, she isn't afraid to tell it like it is to spare her advertisers. She also updates several times PER DAY.  High quality photos and the most up to the minute launch info equals a dang good website. The makeup looks she creates are always bold and beautiful and she explains exactly how she does them. She does tons of giveaways and shares lots of good tips. It doesn't hurt that she is very active in the comments section and very beautiful as well.

2. Makeup and Beauty Blog of is the beauty blog with the most pizazz out there. Karen is one of the more interesting and most likable bloggers. She does the usual reviews, looks, polls, previews. I like that she adds a more personal touch with stories from her personal life and pics of her cat, her city, food, etc. Karen's blog is very humorous and thought provoking at times, a tall order for a beauty blog. Her blog gives you the most personal connection and that makes you want to go back and maybe even be her friend!

3. Musings of a Muse of is another good one. She offers tons of reviews on a mix of high and low cosmetics as well as international brands. She focuses a little more on drugstore brands which is nice because its so hard to tell in the store whats really good and whats just playing it like it is. Definitely check it out for drugstore rec's that your interested in. I also like her positive outlook on most products--hey everything can have some good qualities!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me (Official Video) HQ

I LOVE this video! I adore her makeup--the red lips and winged eyeliner, the smoky eyes and the bright coral lips. I love the outfit with the red and white striped cardigan--she looks so cute! I love her turquoise nails, the song, the concept of "fifties housewife". I like the dichotomy of the happy housewife doing chores and a crying mess of a girl calling her man and asking "why don't you love me". I love her mopping the floor looking bored as heck followed by her scrubbing the floor in a leopard couture bodysuit.  My fav part is the "you don't even care I'm smart" and her burning dinner in Chanel. lol. This made me Heart Beyonce all over again. Check it out!

Jessica Biel - MTV Movie Awards 2010 Red Carpet! | jessica biel mtv movie awards 2010 06 - Photo Gallery | Just Jared

God is she freaking GORGEOUS or what?! Jessica Biel is naturally beautiful and I love it. I also love that shes from Ely, MN! Yay Minnesota!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Obsessed with Oreos! The new Dairy Queen *Blizzard* version!

Hello Oreo! I was on a normal Target run when these cookies spoke to me. Oreo + Blizzard = Bomb dessert! These cookie are freaking DELICIOUS. Almost dangerous to have around! lol. Truly made for the Sweet Toother's out there and DQ lovers. They are super sweet and super yummy/ They are almost too sweet! I need to stop eating

Stila Smudge stick eyeliner in Peacock is a sight to see!

So I was craving me some teal eyeliner (apparently its such a rage this summer) and found myself with Stila Smudge stick eyeliner in Peacock in my hot little hand. I absolutely love the color, the formula I'm not 100% sure on. The color is stunning, a deep jade teal shade. It is deep, rich and vibrant and also makes my green eyes look a tad bluer. The eyeliner goes on smooth and is a non sharpening eyeliner that glides on like a dream. The formula is long lasting and holds up to a long day on the job. I noticed a little fading and a wee bit of smudging at the end of a 12 hour day, but if that's the least of my problems then I'm pretty dang happy with it! Stila's smudge stick eyeliner fared better then most eyeliners I've worn, except my trusty fave Clinique Cream Shapers which can do no wrong. I will for sure be looking at the other colors in the future, I already spied the purple one which looks a lot like MAC's LE Rave color. The price for the smudge stick stings at $20. I definitely feel like this is an awesome teal eyeliner for summer!

 I give it 4 out of 5 lipsticks!

SUMMER LOVIN' me some Urban Decay *Sephora Exclusive* eye shadows!

THANK YOU Urban Decay because these eye shadows are GORGEOUS! Urban Decay shadows are some of the best around and new summer shades are just what this doctor ordered. If your like me and were underwhelmed by MAC's To the Beach eye shadows then give these a look see. They brought out 3 stunning blues in Aquarius, Dashiki and Haight, a bright fuchsia named Woodstock, soft peach in Free Love and the bright purple is one "Psychedelic Sister." I snagged the fuchsia, peach and purple and am in LOVE. I've been wearing them several days a week in different combos and gotten many compliments. They are packed with color, super soft, smooth and creamy. Staying power faboosh and blend really well together. I'm not thrilled about the price--$17 but you can't put a price on love.  Haight is a really pretty darker teal, which looks a ton like MAC Birds and Berries, Haight being a little lighter and bluer to me. I wish I would have waited to get this one instead of ebaying B & B's for more money (ACK!). Aquarius is a nice light teal blue with some heavy frost to it. I think this color would look great on girls with blue eyes, also paired with the purple for a fun combo. Dashiki is like a medium brighter blue teal--very bright and out there, this is one I'm dreaming about. If your looking for some FUN and BRIGHT summer eye shadows check 'em out. They are only at SEPHORA.

5 out of 5 lipsticks!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

MAC Marine Life Highlighter is the BOMB.COM

So I was one of the lucky gals to score this gem of a blush! This is the MAC Marine Life Highlighter from the "To the Beach" collection from MAC. This bad boy seahorse as been selling like hotcakes! Selling out within hours of the launch, this blush has been hyped like the second coming of Jebus. Boy do I love this product tho! I do not know WHY they call it a highlighter because it is one kick ass blush! Its a beautiful bright coral blush with bomb pigmentation. I love that its pigmented, you don't have to work as hard to get the flush you want. You do have to use a light hand because this blush packs a punch! A touch too much and you enter Bozo territory. Beware--it can be bright! I love that its 3/4 coral and 1/4 soft pink. They mix together to make a really beautiful coral and you can customize the color more. I was really impressed by this, thought it was a little over hyped but sometimes the best things are. I love the seahorse design--it really makes it unique and fun to use. I have have already used this several times already and love it every time. The texture is smooth and soft, not much of a shimmer in it when the gold overspray is wiped away. This looks gorgeous with tan skin and minimal makeup, it really lets your blush be the star. You can also use it as an eye shadow instead of buying Firecracker! If you want it now, call all your local MAC's or ebay it --you might be able to score one still!

Give it 5 out of 5 lipsticks. Shazaam!

My first post and a Sex and the City 2 Review!

Can I say Hell yeah to making my own beauty blog! After years of loving makeup and reading other blogs I am now making my own! Now I can post MY thoughts on products and such. Has anyone seen Julia & Julia? Remember when she starts her blog and no one reads it? lol. thats going to be me. Maybe I can end up like her and eventually have a few readers, but I HIGHLY doubt I'll get 5,00 book offers and a dinner meeting with Julia Child.

I think I'd choose Sarah Jessica Parker as my guest of honor. By the way I'm a huge SEX AND THE CITY fan. I did go and see the new one the day it came out. I personally LOVED IT. It truly was an escapist movie, all the lavish luxuries, bright colors, crazy capers.

LOVED: The fashions, the gorgeous Moroccan backdrop, Miranda's character, BIG lookin sexified, Stan and Anthony's wedding, Samantha's sexy suitors, Carries plot line, Charlotte's "realness", Samantha's butler and the lavishness of it all.

HATED: The lighting of the girls' faces, the over the top ridiculous luxuries, Stan and Anthony's marriage arrangement, Carrie being too neurotic and not relaxing more, Carrie's hats.

Overall it was FABULOUS. If your a SEX fan you will love, if not you might think its a tad long and too over the top. My best friend felt that the girls seemed a little un-relatable with the babies and marriage, etc. I felt I could definitely relate to the "all we do is stay in" debate, but I actually enjoy it. I would love to crawl in with BIG, watch a black n white and throw back a brew-ski.

I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 lipsticks.