Friday, August 20, 2010

Urban Decay is getting everybody NAKED..

As a Urban Decay lover I found myself drawn to the NAKED eye shadow palette for weeks. Sold out everywhere it seemed I wasn't the only one. When I went to my local Ulta with my reward points I checked out my UD display. Aghast it wasn't there! Dang even local Minneapol-tin's knew about the HG Naked Palette. Cruising around the other racks I spot it on an end cap! YAY! Whether I really wanted or needed that palette today I was getting it--there was only two in stock so I had to! This made me think though..was the "thrill of the chase" the real reason I wanted it? Think about it. Maybe you see something online you like, its a good deal, great brand, stellar reviews. You think I should check that out, then when you realize its SUPER HARD to get all of sudden you really want this thing. Remember MAC Marine High Life? lol I doubt most people use that thing everyday! Sometimes the buzzed items, limited edition MACs, the super hard to find products are things we are drawn to buy but maybe don't necessarily want. The most crazy part is I don't think I've ever seen a clamoring of so many makeup junkies to get a PERMANENT palette! So weird, right?!

I think the Naked palette is a little different then the traditional limited-edition-gimme-gimmes. This palette sold out and became so hard to find because it is HANDS DOWN AMAZING. 12 full size eye shadows that can be worn for everyday to work, to play, at home and going out. Did I mention full size--that is a $204 value!!! It is stacked with a garden variety of neutral shades to get you through a boring work week. From champagne to bronze to matte sand to plum shimmer to gunmetal to night black. This thing has it all to take your plethora of day looks to a hot smoky night look. Throw in a dual ended brown for day black for night eyeliner and we are happy as clams. Throw in a mini primer to use with it and I am ecstatic.

Standard amazing UD pigmentation for the eye shadows, so many colors and finished to choose from, a sweet dual eyeliner with wearable colors and a travel primer potion to use with it. You will find tons of different looks to use here and with the ability to layer in a deeper brown or the black shade for a smoky night look. I was really impressed with this palette--no loser shades here. lol. I own several MAC, Lancome, UD eye shadow palettes and know that a lot have loser shades you don't want, don't use and also the quality is less then with rather shitty pigmentation.

BOTTOM LINE: I adore this palette for making work friendly eye shadows fun and exciting again. With some night shades this truly can pop in your bag and make you up for cocktail hour. The value of the palette is beyond amazing, the eyeliners are a plus and the primer potion helps create a complete look that last for hours. This is probably my favorite palette I've ever owned.

5 out of 5 lipsticks

--Junky Jess

Monday, August 2, 2010

J HUD lookin fab on Instyle Makeover August Issue!

Daaaaaaaaaaaaang girl! That Weight Watchers business is treating you good! I have always loved J Hud from her Dreamgirls days and have always thought she was beautiful with a slammin voice. I am HELLA surprised at how small she has gotten! Size 16 to a 6 sounds shocking and a tad unhealthy to be honest, but it sounds like shes been doing it the healthy way with cardio workouts and watching what she eats. She looks GOOD and healthy to boot! She still got boobs, booty and some muscle. I can't wait to get this magazine and see what she has to say.

MAC GAGA Vive Glam Gloss released this week!

If you got Viva Glam GAGA lipstick and loved it, you will be delighted to know a GAGA lip gloss is coming out! August 9th to Nordstroms/MAC stores, elsewhere in September. I can't believe it is coming out so soon! Very exciting. I hope it gorgeous and not too pepto bismol pink. Word is they are exactly like their coutnerpart lipstick. I'm excited to see Cyndi's sheer red, wonder how it will be in a lipglass. These glosses' will be available for 6 months with all proceeds going to the MAC Aids fund. Good stuff.

FREE JUICY TUBE with purchase @ Lancome website.

I am so excited to tell you about this little freebie I spied on !! Score a free juicy tube in the bright pink shade "So Teen Vogue" with any purchase off  of The gloss is a gift to celebrate Juicy Tubes' 10th anniversary. Pretty sweet deal! Offer goes until December 31st, 2010.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Go Retro: 12 Tips for a Happy Relationship

 Some Link Lovin'=
Go Retro: 12 Tips for a Happy Marriage

Just read an interesting article on WebMD about using "retro" concepts for a happy marriage/relationship. Holding hands? Dressing up? Who do they think we are? lol. I kind of liked these ideas and may consider using some. Try to inject some retro into your relationship tonight!

--Junky Jess

Friday, July 23, 2010

Ke$ha - Blah Blah Blah ft. 3OH!3

I like this video! Her glitter makeup is awesome and I love that shes telling all of these boys to shut up. I know we can all relate! ;)

Busy with "The Sims 3"

I have to admit I am also a SIMS junky. I've been playing since version 1 and have collected numerous expansion packs. I am currently loving my Sims 3 Ambitions and been making my Sims firewomen, stylists, private investigators and interior designers. I have to admit I've been sim-ing it up a lot lately and haven't been posting as much due to my lil addiction. lol. Here is some eye candy to entice you to consider your own simworld. Ciao!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


There are no words for how HAPPY I am to see this cover. They look STUNNING. Oh how things are starting to change! I wish I could be on this cover with them! :) Love they bootylicious-ness because it is dead sexy!

Welcome back Sexiest Brad Alive...

Welcome back HOT Brad Pitt. I see you there without your beard and looking super sexy again. Its been a few years it seems! I'm glad you shaved off that rat tail that was attached to your face. Thanks for bringing sexy back. Angelina Jolie doesn't look too shabby either!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

MAC MSF Petticoat Blush makes my heart happy and turns me into a HUGE BLUSH FAN.

Petticoat, Petticoat, Bakers men.
Bake me a Blush MAC fast as you can.
Roll the brush tap it with me, 
Swipe it on your cheek for baby and me.

Thank you MAC for putting blush back on my radar this week with MSF Stereo Rose and Petticoat. So soft, so smooth, so gorgeous. Stereo Rose wowed me a few days ago and now Petticoat is making my day. These blushes are so friggin gorg I barely want to wear any other makeup.

I really have turned my cheek in the past to blush, never a huge fan--more of a bronzer gal. But this summer I have rethought this idea.  Blush can turn a bare face into to a polished, refined look. It can make you look like you've been up to something naughty or like you just left the beach. It can make you look young and fresh, sexy and flustered or shy and coquettish. NARS has always been my fave with Orgasm and Deep throat, but they never took center stage on my face. MAC's Mineralize skin finish's have changed my opinion of blush completely and that it can make a whole look. Wearing blush as your centerpiece makes your look effortless, like a casual beauty who always looks this good. Like your beauty comes from within plus it really makes you glow. My non stop beauty routine has been tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush. That is all I've been wearing this summer and I look put together every day and like I'm not trying to hard. With this routine there really is no fuss or any touch ups required. Blush typically lasts on your cheeks for hours unless your are very oily skinned.

MAC MSF's in Petticoat and Stereo Rose are amazing. They are soft baked, finely milled and nice pigmentation. They have beautiful colors mixed in with the veining, last for hours and blend like a dream. You can apply several layers and rarely look over done. You get a ton of product for $28 which is not cheap but in my opinion worth it. They are never splotchy and fade evenly over the course of a day. These colors show up well on my NC25 skin tone and will work for all seasons. Petticoat works well with more makeup looks but Stereo Rose is stunning on its own.

Give blush another shot and you might be flushed with excitement.