Saturday, July 17, 2010

MAC MSF Petticoat Blush makes my heart happy and turns me into a HUGE BLUSH FAN.

Petticoat, Petticoat, Bakers men.
Bake me a Blush MAC fast as you can.
Roll the brush tap it with me, 
Swipe it on your cheek for baby and me.

Thank you MAC for putting blush back on my radar this week with MSF Stereo Rose and Petticoat. So soft, so smooth, so gorgeous. Stereo Rose wowed me a few days ago and now Petticoat is making my day. These blushes are so friggin gorg I barely want to wear any other makeup.

I really have turned my cheek in the past to blush, never a huge fan--more of a bronzer gal. But this summer I have rethought this idea.  Blush can turn a bare face into to a polished, refined look. It can make you look like you've been up to something naughty or like you just left the beach. It can make you look young and fresh, sexy and flustered or shy and coquettish. NARS has always been my fave with Orgasm and Deep throat, but they never took center stage on my face. MAC's Mineralize skin finish's have changed my opinion of blush completely and that it can make a whole look. Wearing blush as your centerpiece makes your look effortless, like a casual beauty who always looks this good. Like your beauty comes from within plus it really makes you glow. My non stop beauty routine has been tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush. That is all I've been wearing this summer and I look put together every day and like I'm not trying to hard. With this routine there really is no fuss or any touch ups required. Blush typically lasts on your cheeks for hours unless your are very oily skinned.

MAC MSF's in Petticoat and Stereo Rose are amazing. They are soft baked, finely milled and nice pigmentation. They have beautiful colors mixed in with the veining, last for hours and blend like a dream. You can apply several layers and rarely look over done. You get a ton of product for $28 which is not cheap but in my opinion worth it. They are never splotchy and fade evenly over the course of a day. These colors show up well on my NC25 skin tone and will work for all seasons. Petticoat works well with more makeup looks but Stereo Rose is stunning on its own.

Give blush another shot and you might be flushed with excitement.

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