Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsay says "f you'' to judge in a very discreet way. No, pretty obvious way actually!

How classy! Lindsay Lohan appeared in court with the love note "F you" to the judge on her middle finger. Everyone's favorite misfit was sentenced to 90 days in jail and her manicure ain't helping her case! I am so surprised she would go to court with those nails! Especially with so much riding on it! Maybe for fun" f you" on your nails might be humorous? Guess I don't get it. But wear it to court and to proudly display the nails to the court by this pose? She's not even hiding her hands under the table like "oh shoot" this might look bad.  How about wearing a sandwich board sign that says "f you judge" when she walks in to court? or a screen printed t shirt? She says "It had nothing to do w/court.. it's an airbrush design from a stencil", and tweeted to a friend "Didn't we do our nails as a joke with our friend?" Come on girl, don't act dumb. To me this says self sabotage. She looks razzled with her coarse poorly kept hair and not so fresh face. If I were in charge I would pull her hair back with loose curls falling out, a luminous foundation, perky cream blush, soft pink lips and light on the eyes. Any other nails would have been okay--hell even black would look better. I'd put her in a clean ironed white blouse, looser black dress pants and some understated jewelry and pop a cardi on top. I wish I could wave my wand all the way to LA and help out little Lilo. I wish someone would.

I personally have actually liked LiLo and thought she was a decent Parent Trap and Mean Girls. It is so sad to see her decline into the bowels of Hollywood and barely scrape by. I always thought she was beautiful with her luscious red mane, freckles dancing across her cheek, admirable athletic build and mischievous glint in her eye. Now LL is a walking leather handbag with a fake dry coif and bone thin frame far from sexy. Remember that little red head girl? Good actress with all that potential? Well here is a good lesson kids...just say not to blow, cigarettes, fake bake and whatever else drugs she is on. 24 year old Lindsay does not look or act like a typical 24 yr old, her face has weathered so much in just a few short years, to me her skin makes her look like shes in her 40s and worshiped the sun everyday of her life.

You can tell her skin has lost that "healthy" quality to it. It looks sallow, dry, rough, blotchy and even..dirty. Get her a facial stat! Her skin issues are probably the smallest of her issues currently as Lindsay needs serious help and some long term treatment. It has been widely reported LL is hours late for interviews if not across the coast during planned appearances, complained about at movie sets, difficult to work with and stealing other peoples belongings. She is almost broke and has been in and out of rehab several times already. I wonder when she will hit rock bottom and realize she deserves a better life? I understand drinking and doing a little bit of experimentation when your young but she appears to be a full blown addict. I wonder if she will ever get better? Very sad to think of it that way. I think bottom line she needs to go to a rehab facility and start to take care of herself, get sleep, do yoga, have some zen time. She needs new friends that don't do drugs and to create a support system that won't enable this behavior. If Britney can do it, why can't she?

Anyways we all know she was sentenced to 90 days in jails but due to overcrowding will probably do 25% of her time and get off with less then a month.  I don't know your thoughts but think I maybe this will work as a wake-up call for her, it seemed to for Paris Hilton, eh? She still has time to turn her life around and god I hope she does. Not for us but for the little redhead girl who thought she could do anything in life.

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