Friday, July 16, 2010

Living Proof's No Frizz "Hold Flexible Hairspray" is all flex and no hold.

I don't know if its just me but I typically expect a hairspray to hold my hairstyle whether straight or curly for a few hours and keep it relatively frizz free. This hairspray really does..neither. I can be very picky with certain products--especially hair products--and get easily frustrated with my frizzballs. I have been let down by a lot of frizz fighting products and this can be added to the list. Enough bashing, now time for reviewing.

It is a very sheer spray, you can hardly tell your spraying anything on to your hair. It has a light scent, a mix of chemicals and citrus but it does not linger. I found it hard to tell I had sprayed my hair so I did 2 more light layers. It held my hair straight for about an hour or two. I entered a hot night club and my hair started to curl, bunch up and ultimately frizz out. Ack! what went wrong! I had so much hope for this. I tried it again with straight hair and blast it wavved out a few hours later with some frizziles. Sigh. Back to Sephora it goes. Dang nab it it was expensive too! $24 yikes. I think I maybe confused by the "strategy" of this particular hairspray and have included the brand's definition of the product. I still give this a low score despite the possible confusion of "type of hairspray" because it gave me frizzies, changed my straight hair to weird bunchy bizarro waves and did not hold anything in place.

1/2 lipstick out of 5 lipsticks.

"Traditional hairsprays were developed for cementing elaborate, fussy styles like the beehive and bouffant into place, but resulted in a stiff, sticky, shellacked effect. Hold Flexible Hairspray is a reinvention of traditional hairspray, it provides complete control, but with a uniquely flexible, non-flaking hold.

Our scientists created a new blend of polymers that form a flexible web holding the strands together, but never freezing them in place. Additionally, PolyfluoroEster technology blocks humidity so hair doesn't become limp or frizzy. With Hold, hair retains its style, shape, and incredible shine."

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