Friday, July 16, 2010

Lets sit down for some Web Therapy with Lisa Kudrow

I randomly came across a web series called "Web Therapy" on and loved it. It stars Lisa Kudrow as a self absorbed therapist who does 3 minute therapy sessions via webcam because she simply cannot stand being bored by patients 50 min sessions about feelings and dreams. It is wickedly funny to see Kudrow (mostly) improvise these sessions and prod at her patients and sometimes tell them "I have an immediate disliking for you". She manages to say these things eloquently and professionally. I love watching this and seeing Kudrow make such a terrible condescending therapist likable and respectable. She gets a lot of funny and decent actors that you may recognize as well (Jane lynch is awesome). It is interesting to see Lisa put herself out there and come up with such funny responses. I also love it because some day I want to be a therapist too, lol.

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