Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Living Proof's No Frizz line is no BS.


Hot, muggy, humid, gross, heavy water infused air is trying to ruin my summer with full on frizzies. I shuffled through the typical frizz superheroes of silicone serums, mousses, gels and hardcore hairsprays but was being beaten by a landslide of muggy MN weather. So I decided to try this one more time. I have tried this a few times with mixed results, it worked well but I wasn't 100% impressed and hated the bug spray stench. So I grabbed it and gave it a go again and viola! No frizz. Imagine that. lol. The smell is still a little off putting but the results are worth it. My hair has no frizz and is smooth and straight. Mid day same results and end of the evening still no frizz! This is the best my hair has looked in a hot muggy summer in ages! I spray about 20 sprays for my long mane, which is a LOT but you need to coat all the hair. I'm a product junky so 20 sprays isn't too unnatural for me. It is expensive! $14 for a baby bottle of 2 ounces, I plan on going back for the big boy, $35 for 6.7 ounces. Holy mackarel!

You have to admit that No Frizz sparked a hair revolution by creating new frizz fighting technology. Hip Hip Hooray for a new way to combat frizzballs! I'm so SICK of SILICONE'S and their lame attempts at keeping me de-frizz a fied. Serums typically weigh down my fine, straight hair and makes me look like the original Grease-r Danny Zuko. All that for minimal frizz defense that only fails again when you step out into humidity? UGH. Can you tell I'm frustrated? lol.

Thank goodness for an alternative! So a little science lesson follows: Living proof uses a special molecule, Polyfuoroester to coat the hair so it does not react to humidity in the air and everyday friction. Sounds genius right? Well I gotta hand it to them, they came up with a new solution to frizz and used top scientists form MIT to help deliver. Now there is a very particular way to use the product so investigate on their website to see how-to's. From what I've read you want to spray the hair evenly and thoroughly, the number of sprays depends on your hair length. Definitely follow this instruction otherwise it won't perform as well. You also cannot use silicone products with it--it counteracts it or "curdles it" in their words. So check your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner for silicone, silica or dimethicone. Most frizz fighting shampoos and conditioners do have this so switch back to shampoo for normal hair--haha we can have normal hair! Check the label because a TON of conditioners have dimethicone in it, surprise surprise. Living Proof's No Frizz comes in many different formulas--sprays, creams and treatments. They are all based on your hair type--fine to medium, medium to coarse and thick to coarse. You also have the option of using Straight making and Wave/ Curl shaping. I personally use Wave Styling Spray for Fine to Medium hair and am very pleased because I bounce between straight hair and wavy hair.  I am not sure I will use it in the winter due to the air being dryer then the Sahara, I still dislike the smell, limited accessibility and the ridic prices. No Frizz ain't perfect, some days unbeknown to me it just doesn't work?!! I think it could be that silicone creeps into every hair product that wants to go on my head. I will slowly work out the kinks and enjoy some stellar hair days along the way.  So check it out if "fuzzhead" used to be your nickname too. I will definitely be keeping this around as my summer staple! Fuzzhead no more! Hazaah!

4 1/2 out of 5 lipsticks!


Living Proof did come out with a hairspray this summer and I am dying to try it. Hopefully will review this soon enough!

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