Thursday, June 3, 2010

My first post and a Sex and the City 2 Review!

Can I say Hell yeah to making my own beauty blog! After years of loving makeup and reading other blogs I am now making my own! Now I can post MY thoughts on products and such. Has anyone seen Julia & Julia? Remember when she starts her blog and no one reads it? lol. thats going to be me. Maybe I can end up like her and eventually have a few readers, but I HIGHLY doubt I'll get 5,00 book offers and a dinner meeting with Julia Child.

I think I'd choose Sarah Jessica Parker as my guest of honor. By the way I'm a huge SEX AND THE CITY fan. I did go and see the new one the day it came out. I personally LOVED IT. It truly was an escapist movie, all the lavish luxuries, bright colors, crazy capers.

LOVED: The fashions, the gorgeous Moroccan backdrop, Miranda's character, BIG lookin sexified, Stan and Anthony's wedding, Samantha's sexy suitors, Carries plot line, Charlotte's "realness", Samantha's butler and the lavishness of it all.

HATED: The lighting of the girls' faces, the over the top ridiculous luxuries, Stan and Anthony's marriage arrangement, Carrie being too neurotic and not relaxing more, Carrie's hats.

Overall it was FABULOUS. If your a SEX fan you will love, if not you might think its a tad long and too over the top. My best friend felt that the girls seemed a little un-relatable with the babies and marriage, etc. I felt I could definitely relate to the "all we do is stay in" debate, but I actually enjoy it. I would love to crawl in with BIG, watch a black n white and throw back a brew-ski.

I give it 4 1/2 out of 5 lipsticks.

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