Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in "Passion" comes in handy for sultry days and passionate nights!

The new stain on the block is Revlon Just Bitten lip stain + Balm. I was intrigued when I saw this because I LOVE stains in the summer due to long hair + lip gloss= nightmare. Stains are awesome for summer, just color and go! They last all day at the pool or beach and don't come off on teeth or a margarita glass--count me in! I've tried many a stain over the years always wishing they were cheaper. Revlon and Covergirl came in to save the day with Lip Stains under $10 thank you jebus. Covergirl's stain has been out for quite awhile--that one works well, pretty colors but they dry out rather quickly--within like 2-3 months. Revlon Just Bitten took it up a notch with a balm on one end. Oh how nice this was until it broke off 5 days later. It really is a nice addition, stain and moisturize with a balm throughout the day. The balm is weird though, its about 2 inches long and does not twist or wind down, it just sits there. Therefore with the balm just "hanging out" its more prone to get snapped off, crushed or fall off. While I appreciated the balm while it was there, now I have one end filled with the remains of my long gone balm. This takes my rating down a notch. I'm pretty sure I can layer any kind of  lip balm over this with no problem so I'm not too heartbroken. Lets not forget the main contender, the stain. The stain itself is really nice actually, good staying power and good color pigmentation. It doesn't transfer much, just in the first few minutes when it is drying. Now I didn't find this stain to be particularly drying, so you might not need the balm if your lips have good moisture to them. To compare it to Covergirl, it has more color, more pigment and goes on brighter. It lasts for quite a few hours but starts to fade around hour 5 or 6. It smells extremely similar (fruity punch cocktail) and applies the same (marker application). I like this one better so far, it has more color to it. Passion is a gorgeous color and what Jessica Biel wears on the display. Its a soft pink fuchsia color that is day friendly. It is a little bold so use a light hand if your color shy. Its sexy and can go from day to night. My bf was hesitant to kiss me after seeing the bold color on ze lips but he gave in soon enough. No one can resist ze passion! I like to wear this with bronzer and tinted moisturizer for a natural look with a punch to it. This is perfect for low key days where you want a pop of color to keep it fresh. Or slide it on for date night and let the passion ensue!

3 1/2 lipsticks out of ze 5 lipsticks.


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