Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My 5 FAVORITE Beauty Blogs to read, laugh, drool and get a little inspiration!

Hello Beauty Blog fans! Due to my desire to give credit where credits due I have decided to make a little list of my favorite Beauty Blogs to visit. Some make us laugh, most make us broke but all give a good dose of makeup eye candy. As I have perused many a blog I have come to find that I favor a few.  What do I like in blogs? Lots of pictures, frequent updates, good reviews, variety of content and a little personality.

1. Temptalia of is one of the most popular makeup blogs and my personal fav.  Christine offers tons of reviews, looks of the day, polls, makeup tip threads, ask Temptalia sessions and the most up to date MAC launch info. I love how she is so honest on her reviews, she isn't afraid to tell it like it is to spare her advertisers. She also updates several times PER DAY.  High quality photos and the most up to the minute launch info equals a dang good website. The makeup looks she creates are always bold and beautiful and she explains exactly how she does them. She does tons of giveaways and shares lots of good tips. It doesn't hurt that she is very active in the comments section and very beautiful as well.

2. Makeup and Beauty Blog of is the beauty blog with the most pizazz out there. Karen is one of the more interesting and most likable bloggers. She does the usual reviews, looks, polls, previews. I like that she adds a more personal touch with stories from her personal life and pics of her cat, her city, food, etc. Karen's blog is very humorous and thought provoking at times, a tall order for a beauty blog. Her blog gives you the most personal connection and that makes you want to go back and maybe even be her friend!

3. Musings of a Muse of is another good one. She offers tons of reviews on a mix of high and low cosmetics as well as international brands. She focuses a little more on drugstore brands which is nice because its so hard to tell in the store whats really good and whats just playing it like it is. Definitely check it out for drugstore rec's that your interested in. I also like her positive outlook on most products--hey everything can have some good qualities!

4. The Next Best Thing to Shopping Yourself or  is tied with Specktra for best makeup swatches.Karla Sugar usually flies solo but offers VERY good pics and lots of different brands' swatches. I like Karla Sugar because she also does giveaways, has the higher end brands and the most recent collections.

Specktra of focuses more on MAC and lots of contributors makes for a plethora of swatches. I like reading the posts on Specktra and the beautiful redhead host creates some stunning looks. I also like the fact that the site focuses mostly on MAC.

5. Last but not least, websites Scrangie of and Vampy Varnish of give me my nail fix. Both offer endless amounts of pictures of the latest nail polishes. Both deliver high quality pics and good reviews.

Scrangie shows different angles and lighting for her pics. She also showcases more exotic brands and more swatche.

I like Vampy because her nails are short and more similar to mine, so more true to life for me.

 These are my favorites and my most frequently visited. Drop me a line on your favorite beauty blogs in the comment section.

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