Monday, June 21, 2010

A tale of a desperate SELF TAN junky...

I tanned in high school, typical local salon, playboy bunny sticker on my stomach. Before school dances, big events and in the summertime I desperately desired a tan. It made me feel thinner, glowier and slightly more attractive. Since I've smartened up I've turned to the unnatural tans found in bottles and spray cans. I've always been loyal to L'oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gelee for my tanning needs, gone through several bottles without disappointment. I'm a loyal kinda girl, once I find something divine and I stick to it since there's so much crap out there stinking up the market. L'oreal Sublime Bronze worked fast and efficient, the typical self tan dance, apply the gel and get ready for twenty minutes naked and presto tanno. As a grad party loomed the following day I found myself out, aghast with what to do next. Rummaging through my cabinet I find an oldie but goodie, Neutrogena Micromist Spray Tan in Medium. Flashbacks to streaks on the legs and I groaned. What choice did I have? With my whole family checking out my pasty skin within 24 hours I needed a tan hit. So I gave it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. A few strokes of the can and only ten minutes of dry time, could this be? A few hours later I looked at my arm and by george, I was tan! Like I spent my weekends at the beach and earned a light tan, hold the skin cancer please. It looked like a real tan, not the slightly orange-yellowy cast I have grown accustomed to with my heavy hand and Gel friend. I was smitten! It looks real! I get told I look beautiful and the positive reinforcement builds. I used the next day too, oh no-- I ran out! Looking a little tanner I head to my local Target dealer and buy another hit. Ten bucks! Man, L'oreal was $7-8. I guess you gotta pay a little more for the good stuff. Oh well, I'm sure its worth it this time. A few days off and my tan still lingers but has faded, quite like a real tan. After a vigorous workout and exfoliating body wash I give myself another hit. I spray myself, natch the smell, very chemical like hence not a fan. Sprinkle in a coconut fragrance and I'd need rehab. I hit my back for the first time in years, arms, legs and even my hands! No more brown lines between my fingers from being too lazy to wash my hands after a gel session. So easy, so hassle free this was, no need to sit for endless minutes to feel dry enough to dress. A few hours later the rush hits, I have become another bronzed goddess with the safety of my health and skin spared, Thank you Micro mist, you've cured an addict. Rest in peace Gel friend. 

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