Saturday, June 5, 2010

SUMMER LOVIN' me some Urban Decay *Sephora Exclusive* eye shadows!

THANK YOU Urban Decay because these eye shadows are GORGEOUS! Urban Decay shadows are some of the best around and new summer shades are just what this doctor ordered. If your like me and were underwhelmed by MAC's To the Beach eye shadows then give these a look see. They brought out 3 stunning blues in Aquarius, Dashiki and Haight, a bright fuchsia named Woodstock, soft peach in Free Love and the bright purple is one "Psychedelic Sister." I snagged the fuchsia, peach and purple and am in LOVE. I've been wearing them several days a week in different combos and gotten many compliments. They are packed with color, super soft, smooth and creamy. Staying power faboosh and blend really well together. I'm not thrilled about the price--$17 but you can't put a price on love.  Haight is a really pretty darker teal, which looks a ton like MAC Birds and Berries, Haight being a little lighter and bluer to me. I wish I would have waited to get this one instead of ebaying B & B's for more money (ACK!). Aquarius is a nice light teal blue with some heavy frost to it. I think this color would look great on girls with blue eyes, also paired with the purple for a fun combo. Dashiki is like a medium brighter blue teal--very bright and out there, this is one I'm dreaming about. If your looking for some FUN and BRIGHT summer eye shadows check 'em out. They are only at SEPHORA.

5 out of 5 lipsticks!

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