Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Let out your inner "rock star" with clip in colored extentions!

So remember my post a few days ago about my desire to get pink clip in hair extensions? Well I bought pink, purple and bright blue clip ins. I've become full on obsessed, why did I never do this before? I feel like a rebel when I wear these. Now I'm no cool cat like Rizzo from Grease; I won't be wearing leather, smoking at school and getting pregnant at the drive in anytime soon. But I will dance around in my colored hair and pretend I live a more wild lifestyle then I really do. I feel like a rock star for a day and it feels good dammit. I feel like it inspires me to be a little wilder, take more risks and live my life balls out. I get a few more looks then normal, also sometimes people seem a tad intimidated. I feel like people expect me to be rude or bitchy with my punk colored hair. Now I feel like I'm being nicer to make up for my somewhat....tough? I guess.. exterior. Men look at me different, perhaps wondering how wild I really am. My residents at work (teen girls) want to touch them, wear them, buy them. I like conducting small scale social experiments, i.e. how people react when I alter my appearance. I've dyed my hair black, red, blond, multi color; had bobs, blunt cuts, long manes and messy waves. I always pay attention to how people treat me when I change my hair. I learned hair length does not affect how men hit on you, but hair color does. When my hair is my faded brown color I'm practically invisible on the street, when your blond everyone looks at you. When my hair is super dark brown people think I'm Eastern European or a different ethnicity. In short, I love changing it up and expressing myself through my hair. I also get bored easy and want to try something new. I've been rocking medium to long blond highlighted hair for a few months and I'm bored. So here I am clipping in electric blue, hot pink and deep purple. It works for my ever changing mind and allows me to take off my punk exterior at night and for grad parties. It can be difficult because my hair is fine and straight making it harder to mask the clip in part. Its a work in progress as I get acclimated to my new rock star self. I dare you to try it for a day! Make sure to blast Rihanna's "Rock Star" tune and go balls out.

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