Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Current Addictions of the week....

What a lovely beautiful day it was today! To crank out a fun post I'm going to let you in on my secret pleasures of the week, otherwise known as "current addictions." I've always been a self proclaimed makeup addict but sometimes my cravings come and go and turn to some interesting places. Here is a brief smattering of things I'm craving..

Fuchsia lips how I love thee! Fun, bright and DARING. Great for nights out or apply a light stain for day friendly wear. I really like Revlon Colo rburst in Fuchsia for affordable luxury, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess lip gloss in Wild Orchid for day friendly fun and Smashbox Lipshine in Berry Hot for a more natural pinker fuchsia.

To continue with my current fuchsia obsession I really want to get some hot pink clip ins. Just for fun, to throw in and feel funky for a day. Sally's got them cheap but I don't want to look like a cheap hooker so I might ask around. Any suggestions let me know! I have a feeling this is my inner rebel trying to get out and might be an after affect from working with rebellious teenage girls for a living. 

Another addiction? DEXTER. I am full on obsessed! It is the only TV my bf and I watch and we cannot stop. lol. It makes us late to events, miss out on sleep and even consider murder ourselves. JK on that last part. I love the darkness but the "anti-hero" in Dexter. I love Deb--who I can't believe he is married to in real life! Crazy! I can't imagine pretending my lover was my boyfriend. Its better then vice versa though.We are on Season 3 and so excited there is a 5th season in the works! 

I am also hooked on neon nail polish. It summer its hot and I love color, so naturally neon's come out to play. I am surprised I love neon so much and love it on my nails, lips, hair and clothes. My spunky spirit coming out to play maybe. I love how loud. bold and unforgiving neon is. It makes a statement and seems to lift my mood. I really love the China Glaze Poolside Collection,I bought Sun Worshipper (orange--stunningly bright) and Pool Party (glorious hot pink!).

Rihanna's Rated R album is being played to def on my cd player. I love G4L, Te Amo, Cold Case of Love, Fire bomb, Stupid in Love, Rude Boy and Rockstar. I love love love this cd. You go girl.

Now that we are in the throws of a hot MN muggy summer I'm really craving some Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection! Look how bangin' Hilary's teal cream shadow looks! Gorgeous! Cream shadow is also ideal for those hot, sweaty days where powder does nothing but crease and fade. I'm really digging the leopard print bronzer, a nice blush/bronzer combo. I love their Bronze Goddess collection every year because its true summer--hot, sexy and colorful.

I did get the nail polish in Ultra Violet which I can't stop wearing but paid through the teeth for. Thanks for the bomb swatch! It a stunning deep eggplant purple with hot pink/purple glitters in it (not the tacky kind). This is a HolyGrail nail polish for me!

So that is what I am currently obsessing about! I could go on for days but I will just have to save some for next week! Hope summer is treating you well!


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